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Preston Haris Love Crazy Cover

Elsewhere on the EP, we're treated to other brilliant numbers, like "Hummingbird," about a lover that comes and goes, which walks the fine line between melancholy lament and bass-laden modern slow jam without taking away from Preston's sincere lyrics. And then there's the ode to morning consummation "Good Morning," which finds him incorporating a bit of "Sock It 2 Me" and "1st of Tha Month" into a daytime babymaker that's as fun as it is sexy. "TRACE" and interlude "Exp." also impress, each taking creatively odd approaches that somehow work perfectly. Inspirational track "Lift Your Head," on which Preston reminds those who might be downtrodden "If you want it, you got it / Believe that it's already yours," closes the set on a high note. Boasting some of Hit Boy's best production in the R&B realm behind his lyrics and exceptional vocals, it seems that that mantra rings true for Preston as well.

Take one listen to Love Crazy and you'll understand why we expect big things to come from his way real soon. You can stream Love Crazy right here and and head to SoundCloud to grab a download of each of the tracks.

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