Diggs Duke May Have More ‘Class’ Than We Expected

Diggs Duke At Piano In Pinnacle Video

It’s no secret that Washington, D.C. musician Diggs Duke is a SoulBounce favorite. Time and time again he swoops in and reinforces our love for his signature blend of funk, soul and jazz. Last summer he gave us "The Pinnacle (Of Class and Taste)," along with the rest of his The Upper Hand & Other Grand Illusions EP, and we could barely catch our breath after singing the praises of the layers of funk laid down by the multi-instrumentalist. Here we are months later and Diggs is back with an unexpected video for the same song.

Everything that you may have thought you loved about “The Pinnacle (Of Class and Taste)” has been stripped back and replaced with a more simplistic take. Diggs sits down at a piano and brings life to the song’s melody and lyrics in a way that is somehow even more breathtaking than the original. “Such a feeling I have never had capture me/Now I’m caught up in this epiphany,” he sings. Honestly, we’re caught up too. If you have somehow managed to miss out on the magic that is Diggs’ latest effort, released via Brownswood Recordings, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of The Upper Hand & Other Grand Illusions off of iTunes now.