ENTRSTELLAR Debuts With An Out Of This World Flip Of Groove Theory’s ‘Tell Me’

Entrstellar Astronauts Logo By Melissa Cook With Vignette Border

Newly formed production duo ENTRSTELLAR certainly knows how to make an entrance. Beat wizards brandon* and Jay Ellyiot have joined forces to provide us with "musical food for the malnourished soul." We already knew brandon* had skills thanks to his previous offerings like the dope Arts & Crafts EP and his collaborative work with our very own Rob Milton. But Ellyiot has been making a name for himself as well. The Toronto native is a sought after DJ and creator of customized beats.

Thankfully, the stars aligned and brought these two together for our listening pleasure. While they continue to work on their debut EP, they've provided a preview of what's to come. The duo have put their galactic spin on the Groove Theory classic, "Tell Me," and it is giving us LIFE! Starting out with emotive strings and hip-hop leaning beats, the synth-filled arrangement retains the smooth and mellow vibe of the original. Then they unexpectedly shift gears, increasing the tempo and beckoning us to dance with pulsating house rhythms and futuristic sounds. It's a good thing they are gifting us with a free download, because this track is definitely worthy of multiple listens.

While we eagerly wait for the debut EP to drop, do yourself a favor and check out independent work from both artists by following them on SoundCloud (brandon* here and Jay Ellyiot here). You can also purchase their works on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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