Full Crate Channels Erykah Badu In ‘Hurt Your Back’


Some things just go together really well, like peanut butter and jelly, champagne and orange juice, and, of course, soul and house music. Full Crate proves time and time again that his skillful mix of the two genres creates winning combinations you'll often find yourself putting on repeat. This time the Dutch producer takes us back a bit with a soulful ode to Erykah Badu's 2000 single "Bag Lady." In Crate's aptly titled track "Hurt Your Back," those three words and "pack light" anchor the song. Known for collaborating with crooner Mar, this time Crate depends on Erykah's vocals to provide the soul in his house-heavy track.

With infectious keys and a heavy down beat, it's almost impossible not to move to the single, but you won't hurt your back or any part of your body, however, because the track is easy-going and stays at a moderate tempo. Listen to "Hurt Your Back" below, and, if the track leaves you wanting more, you can download it on his SoundCloud and check out the other tracks he's offering.

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