Kwabs Searches For Cold Comfort In ‘Perfect Ruin’

Kwabs Perfect Ruin Still

Singer/songwriter Kwabs had us from the moment we heard his intimate, haunting music and our love for him keeps growing with each new single. Today, with the release of his latest "Perfect Ruin," he has us once again under his spell. The song itself is a touching, piano-driven ballad about the demise of a relationship. Still, though the love between Kwabs and his significant other has run cold, he finds comfort in the beauty of what was, admitting that their love is still a big force in his life.

The sentiment is conveyed perfectly in the song's accompanying video. In it, we see Kwabs roaming the snowy streets, tears forming in his eyes as he sings. While he walks the empty scenes, insular and alone, the cold conveyed by the video's beautiful cinematography and the falling snow approximate the emotion that Kwabs brings in the vocal. And though there's no real action going on, a dynamic story is still conveyed via imagery alone.

Along with releasing "Perfect Ruin" as a single, Kwabs also announced the title and UK release date of his debut album, Love + War. Those of you across the pond can expect it to arrive on May 18th and can pre-order it now. While a US release date hasn't been confirmed as of yet, one should be announced soon. Until then, we in the States can take solace in the breathtaking visuals for "Perfect Ruin" right here.



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