Questlove, Black Thought & Charli XCX Get Into The ‘Groove’ In New Target Ads

Target Style Commercial Still

With the '80s having been pretty much been plundered for all their worth, it was only a matter of time before companies started focusing on '90s nostalgia. While the trend has been picking up steam in recent years, it's hitting a fever pitch now that the beginning of the decade that brought us grunge, Cross Colours, neo-soul and dial-up Internet is 25 years behind us (yep, you read that right). Shopping brand Target, known to infuse some classic musical moments into its ad campaigns, enlisted Questlove, Black Thought and Charli XCX to help them party likes it's 1990 with a revamp of Deee-Lite's smash hit "Groove Is In The Heart."

The fun commercials, full of pastel colors and featuring fiercely fashionable women, playfully precocious kids, absolutely adorable pets and more than a few of Target's wares, find Charli taking on the role of Lady Miss Kier while Black Thought goes the Bootsy Collins/Q-Tip route and Quest handles the production. Sure, this version pales in comparison to the absolutely irresistible "Groove" that lit the world on fire more than two decades ago, but it's a fun throwback that's sure to put a smile on the faces of those of us who can remember when the song was actually on the charts.

The spots, which premiered during the broadcast of SNL 40, can be seen on a TV near you any time of day, but you can click on to watch them all here.

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