Reel People Music, Urban Sound Lab & Terrance Downs Surround Us With Good ‘Karma’


With their voluminous catalogue of well-curated compilations and stellar remixes, it's sometimes easy to forget that Reel People Music is also in the business of releasing original content. For example, we've been so busy jamming to their latest Choklate redux, that we almost forgot to mention "Karma," their first original release for 2015.

Arranged and produced by London-based Urban Sound Lab (otherwise known as Curtis Kirkland), the soulful house tune is an infectious blend of synth and percussion. Featuring energetic and polished vocals from Terrance Downs, plus an assist from Kaidi Tatham on keys, USL flexes his production muscles and manages to keep the track from veering into a monotonous loop. Amidst the pulsating backdrop, Terrance's fluid falsetto shines as he croons, "What comes around, goes around / You put a spell on me / I got back what I gave / It was reciprocity." If you need some good vibes to flow your way, check out the extended preview below and let the rhythm overtake you.

The full-length single (packaged with a "Dub Mix" and an "Instrumental Mix") is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

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