Tony Momrelle Shares The ‘Spotlight’ In His New Video


British R&B/soul artist Tony Momrelle has returned with a new visual for his song “Spotlight,” the second single off of his Fly EP. The video begins with Tony talking with a group of friends overlooking Rome (yes, as in Italy -- already romantic) as a young woman approaches. She asks Tony to take a picture of her and her friends, and he agrees on the condition that she also takes a picture with him (smooth). They take the pictures and then part ways. But this won't be the last that she sees of Mr. Momrelle, because next thing you know she's able to watch him performing “Spotlight” on her smartphone while she goes about her day.

Tony woos the viewer with the story of meeting someone with an inner light that shines through and mesmerizes in a way no one else can. The video captures this perfectly as Tony’s love interest eventually makes her way to the club where he is continuing to perform “Spotlight.” She watches him perform, and he sings to her -- and into her phone camera -- as if she's the only woman in the room. There's even a daydream sequence where we get to see the smitten singer serenade the lucky lady. After the show, Tony approaches her and asks if she remembers him from earlier. (Let's be real, how could she forget his handsome self?) She does, and as they review the pictures they took earlier, the video fades out while they continue their conversation.

These visuals show the thrill of meeting someone new and convey how technology plays such a large role in dating all over the world. "Spotlight" gives us all the feel-good vibes you expect from a soul veteran like Tony, and the video follows through with a modern “boy meets girl” story.



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