Adrian Marcel Won’t Let Go In ‘Be Mine’


One minute Adrian Marcel is serenading us with acoustic tracks from Fifty Shades of Adrian: Unplugged and the next he's strumming our pain with his vocals in his latest single "Be Mine." To go with the Fat Boi-produced track, the Bay Area native laments a relationship gone wrong in a classic black-and-white video directed by Phil The God. Appropriately equipped with his signature white tank and a glass of something brown, Adrian breaks down the story while stumbling around his apartment reminiscing about his significant other. The camera gives us that extra feeling of tipsy as it blurs in and out of slick shots of Adrian drinking his pain away. In the catchy ballad he sings, "Since you left me babe / I've been loco / Going through it / I've been crazy babe / Drinking all this pain away / Just to fade away." No matter what, he won't let go of his bae, and we watch him going through all of the feels in the three minute video.

The new single hails from Adrian's upcoming release Weak After Next: Reloaded, which is set to be released next week to continue what he started in Weak After Next. Adrian keeps proving that he's here to stay, consistently providing genuine emotion in just about every song he's released. While his latest singles haven't matched the success of his club banger "2AM," they do have depth that we can't ignore. Watch "Be Mine" and let us know if you want to give Adrian a hug afterwards.

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