Azealia Banks Gets Interactive For ‘Wallace’

Azealia Banks Wallace Still

Azealia Banks can be described as a lot of things: loud, brash, defiant, petulant, and so on and so forth. But the rapper/singer can also be described as one other thing: cutting edge. While her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, proves that in spades, she partnered with the Google Cloud Platform to present an interactive video for her latest single, "Wallace."

At face value, the black-and-white treatment in which Azealia looks directly at the camera and rhymes seems simple enough. But the clip has an unexpected star: You. Utilizing your computer's webcam, an image of you appears behind the rapping Azealia, acting as a mirror of sorts. But the interactive features don't stop there, as Azealia's face and body moves along with you (or your mouse if you opt out of using the webcam feature). It's a pretty cool and fun trick that allows the audience to engage in the music video experience.

You can catch a teaser trailer for the video right here, but to get the full experience, you'll have to fire up your Google Chrome browser and visit And if you want to see even more of Ms. Banks, be sure to catch her in all her glory in the new issue of Playboy, which should be hitting newsstands on March 20th.



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