Bounce-Worthy: Tré Samuels


What if it told you there was a 15-year-old amongst us creating stellar music that belies his age? Would you believe or question how such a youngster could possibly have enough life experience to tell any story beyond bubblegum pop or be a puppet at the hands of a label? Well, Tré Samuels is one such artist defying what many thought a 15-year-old would be capable of musically, telling stories of survival and of the man he aspires to be all set to a dreamy future soul soundscape.

Imagine an artist with the style of Miguel and the lyrical prowess of Frank Ocean and you have some idea of this young Australian whose name has been whispered as one to watch among soul music lovers since he was barely in double digits. With a baby face, smooth vocals and an old soul, Samuels is one of those rare artists who was seemingly destined for a life in music. After an injury at 11 saw him unable to pursue his other passion of soccer, the tween threw himself into music, releasing YouTube videos covering everyone from Bob Marley to Usher and singing with a conviction and maturity that was hard to ignore.

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