Ciara Keeps It Sexy For ‘I Bet’ Video


Ciara may be in her feelings on her new song "I Bet," but you wouldn't know it from how fabulous she looks in the song's music video. They say that looking good is the best revenge, and in Ciara's case she's definitely gotten hers on her ex-fiancee and baby daddy Future, who this song is more than likely all about.

Sure, CiCi may look pensive as the video begins with her winding up a music box with a miniature ballerina inside. She mimics the ballerina and throws in some robotic moves of her own as she stands atop her own rotating pedestal. It's when she undergoes a costume change and comes down off that pedestal when Ciara really lets loose and dances her pain away in a hi-cut white onesie.

Ciara's music may be hit or miss, but you can't deny that she's a joy to watch. Just don't hurt yourself trying to recereate any of her dance moves -- don't ask me how I know.

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