Just Give Adrian Marcel ‘5 Minutes’


Fresh from releasing his Fifty Shades of Adrian: Unplugged project last month, Adrian Marcel is already on to the next and prepping for the impending release of yet another mixtape, Weak After Next Reloaded, this month. Around the same time that Fifty Shades dropped, Marcel premiered the music video for the WANR cut "Liar" and he's giving us another visual taste of what to expect on this new mixtape with a look at "5 Minutes."

This video doesn't pick up where the other one left off, but it does find Adrian once again putting on for the Bay Area and driving through town on his way to his lady's crib. He lets her know that he's only five minutes away and to get ready for his arrival. She preps for his visit by rolling around in her bed and getting hot and bothered. She does get out of bed to let him in the house, but it's no secret where they'll end up before this "5 Minutes" is over.