Ne-Yo & Sonna Rele Want That ‘Every Day Love’


If you believe in this thing called love, then Ne-Yo and Sonna Rele just released the soundtrack for your ticker. Their single "Every Day Love" is a dance track that motivates you to extend love to everyone as Ne-Yo sings "Oh imagine what we could become / If it was really one for all and all for one / And we could live every day with love/ Live every day with love." Rele joins in the track with her rich vocals to co-sign Ne-Yo's thoughts over the uptempo beat. The single has the typical formula for a dance track — infectious percussion and an electronic beat that builds to support a memorable, repetitive chorus.

After Ne-Yo discovered the London-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist on Facebook in 2013, he offered her a Motown Records deal and now she's singing the theme song to Disney's new Cinderella movie. The labelmates' new single is a part of McDonald's "imlovinIt24" campaign, which culminated on March 24th with Ne-Yo performing a free concert in LA. While his album Non-Fiction didn't quite impress us, this single has the potential to spread joy among the dancers among us. Listen to "Every Day Love" right here, and let us know if you love it or hate it.

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