Banks Gets Reflective While ‘Beggin’ On ‘Late Show With David Letterman’

Banks David Letterman

Though Banks has been busy promoting her debut album, Goddess, since it was released in September, it seems the songstress has kept a rather low national profile as of late. But before we started to wonder what had happened to the "Warm Water" singer, she popped up on Late Show with David Letterman to give a spectacular performance of Goddess single "Beggin For Thread."

While she's performed this track on television before, this occasion was a bit different than the previous outing. Banks took the stage locked in what David Letterman referred to as a "box." However, a more accurate description would be a hexagon-shaped chamber of two-way mirrors. However you want to describe it, it was a perfect vehicle for Banks' performance. She captivated the audience as she and her myriad reflections emoted throughout the song and, just when we thought that the mirrored gimmick had run its course, an impromptu light show added just a bit more to the spectacle.

If nothing else, the performance was one of the more intriguing ones in recent Late Show history. Judge for yourself when you take a peek at Banks making her Late Show debut right here.

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