Gipp & Eric Benet Got Something For The Ladies With ‘Beautiful Lover’


Gipp and Eric Benet already got us grooving with their party starting collaboration on "Beautiful Lover," and now they have us laughing at their antics in the song's music video.

Foolery abounds as the clip starts off with Gipp and Benet wearing the most ridiculous suits and starring in a low-budget commercial advertising their services to women as The Beautiful Lovers. For a little finance, they got you covered from romance to running out the gas in your car for the pleasure of enjoying their company. They sound like half the dudes in the DMV, but I digress.

Soon we see a bevy of ladies take the fellas up on their offer as woman after woman comes knocking on their door. From the around the way girl to the shy chick/undercover freak to the business professional and more, these women from all walks of life hit up Gipp and Benet with the intention of having a little fun and getting broken off properly. Hey, you can't knock the hustle, but you can get into the shenanigans of these visuals that serve as an entertaining companion to the song.

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