Lyfe Jennings Keeps It Real In ‘Gold’


Life ain't been no crystal stair for Lyfe Jennings. The R&B singer has had his fair share of drama, and he's putting it all out there on his gritty song "Gold." The track finds Lyfe looking back over his and recounting the struggle he's seen from his incarcerations to having children out of wedlock to living that thug life. He owns that most of what he's gone through is of his own doing and shares his regrets but thanks God for giving him a second, third and fourth chance.

Lyfe's story on "Gold" is a cautionary tale, and the music video follows its blueprint. Scenes of Jennings in current day strumming away his pain on his guitar are mixed in with scenes of a young Lyfe and his crew from Toledo, Ohio in 1994 as they get ready to plan a caper. Grown Lyfe sings to his younger self and we see the young man struggling with this bad decision he's about to make not knowing the consequences that are to come.

We certainly appreciate Jennings trying to school people on the facts of his life that they can apply to theirs to start living right. Watch the riveting "Gold" video right here, and look out for more of Lyfe Jennings when his album Tree of Lyfe is released on June 23rd.