Mavis Staples Shows She’s Got Plenty Of ‘Fight’ Left In Her


We welcomed famed singer Mavis Staples back with open arms when she announced her latest EP, Your Good Fortune. And now that the four-song has been released, we've had the gritty, soulful collection on repeat. While the title track is definitely one of our favorites, "Fight," another collaboration with Son Little, is also a must listen.

With the current state of racial and political affairs in America looking more like 1965 than 2015, "Fight" is a timely musical contribution from the soul music legend. She dips into some of the sounds of classic soul and blues here, with twangy guitars, bass stabs, down-home drums and just a touch of organ. But what really brings it all home is Mavis' powerful chorus, "So I pray though I'm tired / This can't wait / So we fight." It's a fitting battle cry, especially with the recent injustices of police brutality and the repeal of key provisions in the historic Voting Rights Act causing protests and outrage in the African-American community and beyond.

You can listen and sing along to Mavis's lyric video for "Fight" right here. And while you do so, be sure to pick up a copy of Your Good Fortune, which is available at music retailers right now.

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