Monifah Enjoys Her Solitude For ‘One Moment’


When you're someone who's always ripping and running and having to be "on," you cherish those rare moments when you can just be by yourself to relax, relate and release. R&B Divas: Atlanta favorite Monifah does just that in her new music video for the song "One Moment."

With stunning black-and-white visuals of New York City as the backdrop, director Jay Walker shows Monifah by herself and enjoying her own company in the city of millions. Whether she's getting some fresh air on a rooftop, lounging in her favorite chair, chilling in her living room or sipping on some tea, Monifah is doing her and loving her downtime. She's only joined by a cute white chihuahua, who's kicking it as hard as she is in the video. As the clip builds to the song's bridge, Walker incorporates color, and the vivid palette is a welcome change to show that Monifah is happy just as she is.

Watch "One Moment" right here, and take some cues from Monifah to take some time for yourself today.

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