PJ Morton Is Feeling A Bit ‘Claustrophobic’

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

PJ Morton has been pretty quiet as of late. While the artist has been steadily touring with Maroon 5 and doing live appearances, he hasn't released any new solo material since 2013's New Orleans. However, it appears that Mr. Morton has something he needs to get off his chest and will remain quiet no longer. While not an official single, “Claustrophobic” is PJ Morton's way of expressing his frustrations with the music industry.

While the production is  wonderful, with classic bass guitar riffs, synths and horns, what makes this song such a standout tune are his honest and frank lyrics. PJ Morton answers his naysayers with the perfect blend of wit, wisdom and shade, singing, “I must admit / I’m claustrophobic / I have a hard time trying to fit into your small mind / And I have a habit of / Dreaming bigger than anything I can see / Right in front of me / So let me go.”

Passive aggressive, much? But if that’s how the man feels, that’s how he feels. And it doesn't stop us from feeling the hell out of this track. PJ has crafted a wonderful ode to the artist who is sensitive about his s**t.

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