Sevyn Streeter Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane On ‘4th Street’


Sevyn Streeter is back with the second single off her upcoming album, On The Verge. Instead of delivering another love song or club banger, Streeter gives us a finger-snapping ode to her hometown of Haines City, Florida with “4th Street.”

“That’s my kind of people / The ones who say hey, hi, wassup, nice to meet you / The ones who don’t need s**t, they just want to see you / Living the life and still treat you like an equal,” she sings, reflecting on all of the great people who have touched her life, from family members to perfect strangers. The keyboard-led production has a laid-back '90s vibe, perfect for reminiscing on your past.

Sevyn has also dropped the video for the song. As you would expect, we watch as Sevyn visits her old haunts and her peoples in the hood. Thankfully, she was smart enough to take that grey weave out of her head and those extra earrings off before going to see Ms. Anne. There are also scenes of young Sevyn in her bedroom, dreaming of becoming her future self. While it is kind of funny to watch the older people in her community awkwardly try to play along in the video, it adds a level of authenticity to an otherwise staple video treatment. The end is particularly touching, as Sevyn shouts out people who have moved on to heaven, their loved ones holding up pictures and funeral programs in tribute.

Sevyn's growth as a songwriter is apparent on "4th Street." She's made what could have been a cliché trip down Sesame Street into an engaging song. While not a summer jam, the song is ready-made for your family reunion.



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