Brave Williams Has Us ‘Trippin” Over Her Latest Video


After releasing “Road Trippin'” as the second single off her upcoming EP, Fearless, R&B Divas: LA star,  Brave Williams has finally come through with a video treatment for the mid-tempo track.

Courtesy of Chris Robinson and Robot Films, the clip starts with Brave driving through heavy rain in the middle of the night, the radio blaring, “You are now tuned into Robot Radio. Sit back, relax and road trip with Brave.” The video then cuts to a montage of scenes of Brave taunting and teasing us in sexy outfits against various darkly lit sets. We see Brave writhing around on a couch and being her man's private dancer; giving us her best braggadocio posturing against a wall of cassette tapes; walking down a neon lit runway in a purple fur coat; laying down on a floor cover in diamonds; straddling her love interest in the back seat of her car and, of course, bending, stretching and twerking all over the place.

While Brave is undeniably a dime and she provides eye candy aplenty, the video does little to showcase her skills as a performer and we wish there was something more substantive to dig in to. This is surprising given the quality of visuals produced by Robot Films for artists such as Lady Gaga and Jill Scott. While not bad, the video is just serviceable. Besides the intro, the visuals feel like it could be the backdrop to any song. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if the video was at least a bit more interesting. Don’t get us wrong, we always appreciate a good twerking video and any excuse to look at a PYT posturing. However, we know Brave has a lot more potential and expect her to come harder in the future.

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