Bust A Move With Mad Satta’s ‘Break Me Free’


We've already heard how Mad Satta breaks it down on the funky tip with their latest single "Break Me Free." Now fans can see how the band wants them to get down in the song's music video. That's because when you press play to watch the clip you'll be hard pressed to sit still and will more than likely want to bust a move like the animated figures on screen.

The gangly drawings get busy with some flexible dances that would send the average person to the chiropractor while colorful backgrounds change and more animated scenes appear. It's not the '80s Soul Train-themed video that we were hoping for when we first heard the song, but that won't stop us from creating a Soul Train line whenever this plays.

Lead singer Joanna Teters and the rest of the Mad Satta crew may not be seen in these visuals, but their stellar work is definitely heard and this track has us eagerly anticipating their upcoming EP. Break Me Free will be released on June 30th.

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