For Camp Lo, It’s All About ‘You’


We're used to Camp Lo dropping swaggy rhymes about making money and making moves, but for the second single from their recently released Ragtime Hightimes, the fellas are only interested in one thing: "You." Well, not you, specifically, but that happens to be the name of the song, which is about a girl who seems to think that the world and their relationship revolves around her. The Ski Beatz-produced track is definitely made to nod your head to, with its mellow groove accentuating Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba's lyrical prowess.

For the track's video, the fellas take us through the many stages of a relationship's demise, from arguing to counseling to date night and everything in between. The concept, filled with beautiful woman and simple sets, is nothing new or innovative. But, even though the budget was obviously constrained, they make it seem almost high concept. Perhaps that's because the fellas of Camp Lo were always masters at painting vivid pictures with their rhymes, so none of the extra frills were ever really needed.

You can check out the clip for "You" right here and be sure to cop Ragtime Hightimes, which is produced entirely by Ski Beatz and in stores now.

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