Jesse Boykins III Relives His ‘Wonder Years’


Jesse Boykins III is never one to shy away from creativity, so when he was recently on the road he decided to see how creative his fans could get. The result? The visuals for single "The Wonder Years," a grainy, vintage collage of images perfect for the song, where we see his fans' fancy photo work serve as the backdrop for his vocals. The eclectic crooner was gifted with disposable cameras (remember those?) to document his tour experience but instead gave them to fans at his shows to capture it all from their point of view. He, along with friends and family, also joined in the fun and the evidence is a warm and nostalgic collection of images and videos. If you look hard enough you can also find artists Chris TurnerVic Mensa, Theophilus London and Kilo Kish captured in the photo-mentary. 

So the moral of this story is if JBIII hands you a camera, take it and do something awesome. If you can't get enough of the single, you can purchase it on iTunes along with the rest of his 2014 LP Love Apparatus. Get your own personal fix of Jesse's experience on the road when you watch the latest video for "The Wonder Years" and let us know if it touched your spirit like it did ours.

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