Jessie Ware Might Make Nick Jonas ‘Jealous’ With Her ‘Live Lounge’ Cover


The musical stylings of one Nick Jonas aren't exactly in the purview of SoulBounce. Still, the all-grown-up Jonas brother caused a major commotion when he dropped his single "Jealous" this past September. The song is probably the catchiest tune about the green-eyed monster of the modern era and even had a few members of the team humming it around SBHQ. (OK, OK, it was me. You happy?) However, while definitely pop perfection, it was missing just a tad bit of soul.

Enter our British homegirl Jessie Ware. The singer stopped by BBC 1 Radio's Academy to lay down her own version of the chart-topper. She and her band mine the song's obvious '80s influences with an extra heavy dose of synth piano in the mix as Jessie begins the track. Though they really don't change much about the song, from the bass line to the rhythm, somehow the track sounds almost like a different animal in Jessie's hands. The edges here are softer, leaning more toward smoothed-out adult contemporary than bombastic pop. That being said, Jessie's comes off a bit more thoughtful because of it, giving us a worried lover more than a jealous jerk.

If nothing else, JW and her crew give us a reason to sing this song without shame. (Oh, is that just me again? Rats.) Either way, you can check out what Jessie does with "Jealous" right here.

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