Joss Stone Has Just ‘The Answer’ For You


As we previously reported, our Welsh homegirl Joss Stone is readying her latest album, Water For Your Soul. And judging by lead single "Stuck On You," it looks to be every bit as refreshing as the title suggests. Ms. Stone keeps pouring up more with her latest release from the album, "The Answer."

Joss co-wrote "The Answer" with Barbadian reggae singer Dennis Bovell, and his influence is definitely felt. Like "Stuck On You," the song finds Joss borrowing sounds from different genres and cultures, with calypso, reggae and even a bit of gospel working their way into the mix as fiddle, guitar, tabla and others dance with each other, creating an eclectic musical symphony. Lyrically, Joss becomes a musical shaman, giving the listener advice on finding happiness and peace in life. She fills her verses with the questions that plague us all before answering them all with the chorus. "Find your strength / Fight for peace / There's a light in your release," she sings. "Let love in / Just give in / Goodness is bright so you can see the answer."

While her flower child findings aren't necessarily new, she sings them with a sincerity and earnestness that can make you believe in them again. It also has us anxious as to what else can be found when Water For Your Soul arrives in July.

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