Kameron Corvet Will Have You Feeling Something With ‘Nothing At All’


When it comes to relationships, you gotta take the good with the bad and somehow make it work. But there times when the bad builds up and overwhelms the good and that relationship finds itself at a crossroads with both individuals ready to go their separate directions, sometimes over something trivial. That such conundrum is the basis for Kameron Corvet's latest "Nothing At All," which is brought to life in a new music video.

Directed by VICENTE, we see Kameron and his leading lady Aeja Lee acting the part of a couple in the midst of a love/hate relationship with nothing but a few props on a gray soundstage. The scenes alternate between these two going on at it or lovey dovey caught up in each other and Corvet singing solo or playing his shiny red guitar. They really sell it with their acting and are two beautiful subjects to watch in action. The video treatment is a simple one yet it manages to show the complexities of love and perfectly complements the track.

If you're loving the song "Nothing At All" as much as we're loving the video, then be sure to scoop up the single right now on iTunes. Stay tuned for more from Kameron as he preps for the upcoming release of the EP Due Process.

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