Sam Reed Knows That ‘Love Ain’t Free’

Photo Credit: Lauren Serpa Photographs

Photo Credit: Lauren Serpa Photographs

Collaborations these days are a dime a dozen, so when true aural chemistry is achieved we can't help but get excited. Such is the case with "Love Ain't Free," a standout track from Sam Reed's debut album, This is Love. Skillfully produced by DJ Harrison (aka Devonne Harris, member of Butcher Brown and co-founder of Jellowstone Records), the song recalls the funkier side of '80s R&B (think Cherrelle & Alexander O'Neal's "Saturday Love" or The S.O.S. Band's "Just Be Good to Me"). That's not to say that it sounds dated. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Harrison crafts a layered sonic composition that is crisp, futuristic and melodically stimulating. Against this musical backdrop, Reed's provocative vocals are allowed to shine as she drops some relationship knowledge. "Love ain't free. Do everything you did to get me to keep me." Tell 'em, girl!

Check out the amazing track below and be prepared to take some notes, folks. And if you need any further convincing that Ms. Reed is the real deal, scroll down and check out a vibrant performance of her song "Astrobelt" (featuring an inspired mash-up of the k-os classic "Superstarr, Pt. Zero"). Sam's debut album This is Love is currently available via BandCamp or iTunes.

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