BOSCO Resurfaces With ‘Gold Ghost’


Songstress BOSCO is like that good friend who slips in and out of your life. The one you hang out with everyday for months only to disappear for a year. They are on a sublime mission to achieve their dreams and you can only wish them the best on their impossible journey. You know they will turn up again at some point, and it will be all hugs and kisses and electro-funky jam sessions. That’s why we’re unphased by the Atlanta native’s triumphant return, because we’re so used to the disappearing act. However, this time around we think the singer is ready to solidify her place in the musical landscape. She’s just released her new EP, Boy, and we’ve already fallen for the appropriately titled first single, “Gold Ghost.”

On “Gold Ghost,” BOSCO explains her M.I.A. status a bit as she discusses the ups and downs of her musical journey. She bravely laments, “Feels like I’m all used up / Numb, drunk, playing games I can never win / Saved by the sin, I’m at the bitter end / I place my bet, bet on the score, dice on the board, yeah.” The mid-tempo production perfectly compliments BOSCO’s melancholy lyrics. The otherworldly electro-trap score not only underpins her lyrics, but the electro-flourishes keep the song from feeling too heavy.

BOSCO has crafted an enchanting song that exposes her own struggles in a courageous and relatable way. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from such a talented artist. While we can’t be sure there will be more music to come given BOSCO’s track record, we will savor this unexpected treat.

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