Charlie Wilson Shows His ‘Favorite Part Of You’


Charlie Wilson has been giving us smooth R&B for decades now, and it doesn't look like the iconic musician intends to let up any time soon. His recent release, Forever Charlie, has been without a doubt a standout of this year's musical crop, and he's released yet another video from the set for us to enjoy.

With "My Favorite Part Of You," Charlie isn't looking to break any video conventions. Instead, he relishes in the R&B video tropes. You'll find him singing in front of well-lit sets as scenes of couples getting ready for date night flash across the screen. Of course, there are quite a few lovely ladies that get plenty of screen time as Uncle Charlie serenades. But, gives some screen time to a few fellas as well, allowing them to ooh, ahhh and fawn over the ladies as they pose confidently for the cameras. When the clip comes to a close, he closes with a sweet dedication: "To all the beautiful women everywhere...Forever Charlie." Isn't that sweet.

"My Favorite Part of You" might not be breaking any molds concept-wise, but it's definitely a welcome and enjoyable watch. Let Uncle Charlie show you how it's done when you check out the clip below.