‘R U Ready’ For Another Lo-Fi Clip From Tuxedo?


One could say that funky duo Tuxedo is fully invested in the '80s aesthetic that their music plays in. The last video from their self-titled debut, "So Good," doubled down by shooting the entire thing on VHS (who knew you could still do that?) and giving the whole thing a "public access" feel. So, then, what do they do when it comes to making a follow-up?

Well, they do the exact same thing, essentially. For the video for "R U Ready," the group and their band once again don their prom finest and work it out for the camera as the laid-back groove plays in the background. Nothing else but the performance really goes on in the clip, and your eyes will once again go toward the backing singer wearing the gold lamé jumpsuit who is hip swaying and tambourine jangling for her life. But that's all OK, as it's really all about the undeniable funk that they put down on the single anyway.

Get a load of the grainy goodness of the video for "R U Ready" and make sure to pick up a copy of Tuxedo, which is available for purchase now.



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