Disclosure & Sam Smith Share An ‘Omen’ Of Things To Come


When Disclosure last left us a visual, it was the intriguing clip for the Gregory Porter-featuring "Holding On." In it, we met Mariela, a mysterious woman with a secret. Mariela's story continues in the latest video from the electronic duo, who have brought along constant collaborator Sam Smith for the second installment in the story, "Omen." While the song, which is a more subdued outing than the group's first pairing on the perennial hit "Latch," rarely moves beyond the tempo of a smooth two-step, the video continues the pacing of the clip for "Holding On" quite nicely.

Continuing the story in a futuristic Mexico City, we follow a tattoo artist entering what seems to be a very private party in a swanky-looking building. Once we are shown inside, we see that it's a full blown party, with people dressed to the nines and writhing about to the music. We also see that none other than Sam Smith is holding court in the middle of all this commotion, belting out the tune as everyone swings, sways and grinds around him. Meanwhile, we see our pierced and tatted protagonist giving tattoos to party goers and, if you look closely, she seems to be using the same special ink and the same mysterious drawing that was put on Mariela's shoulder in the last video. Curiouser and curiouser. Speaking of Mariela, she also appears at the party and is utilizing some of her new skills. Unfortunately, the shadowy military force is mounting up outside the venue and just before it fades to black, we hear the sounds of them bumrushing the joint. What happens next? We'll have to find out when they continue this epic adventure in the next video.

Take a peek at the latest cinematic installment in the lead up to Caracal, which will arrive in stores on September 25th.

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