Ta-ku & Alina Baraz Are ‘Down For You’


Last month, Ta-ku got us all the way open with his second collection, Songs To Make Up To. A particular standout on the sensual set was the Atu featuring track "Love Again." Full of yearning and aching, it immediately grabbed our attention. Apparently, the track stuck with Ta-ku to, as he's flipped it and reimagined it with singer Alina Baraz as the new track "Down For You."

"Down For You" rides the same soft piano melody as "Love Again." However, pairing the track with Alina's ethereal voice creates a decidedly different effect. Her smoky makes the quiet moments of the song seem haunting and lonesome. However, when the song fills itself in with harder hitting percussion and a few more added sounds, it turns from a song of melancholy to one of searching for love. It's quite interesting how switching out singers can add a completely new layer to a song.

"Down For You" will appear on a re-release of Songs To Make Up To, which will be out this Friday on Future Classic/Fool's Gold Records. Take a listen to the track below and be sure to pick up your copy.

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