Take Some Time To Stop & Enjoy DAWN’s ‘Roses’


While everyone is arguing over whether Drake writes his own rhymes or gets some help, our favorite alternative R&B chanteuse D∆WN is fully embracing collaboration when it comes to crafting her music. Her latest song, “Roses,” was crowd-sourced (or is that crowd-written?) with the help of fans using the Periscope app.

Produced by Cronus, “Roses” is a ballad about releasing some sexual tension, “ get rid of the blues / Even if it’s only one night with you.” It is a sparsely produced track with pitchy mechanical vocal arrangements, stutter step percussion and other atmospheric flourishes. However, while the song is clearly alternative in approach, the melodic arrangement feels reminiscent of many late '80s/early '90s slow jams, making it feel familiar yet foreign and leaving her audience feeling some type of way.

Sultry, sensual and seductive, with a little tension thrown into the mix for good measure. "Roses" hits all the right notes for a for a slow jam and will be a welcome addition to anyone's bedroom mix.

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