A History Of Janet Jackson’s 10 Best Dance Videos

Miss You Much (1989)

Choreographer: Anthony Thomas

Minds were blown when “Miss You Much” dropped ahead of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814. The lead single set the tone for what was to come with a black-and-white video, on-point choreography and the introduction of Janet’s Rhythm Nation Dancers — a crew capable of tackling any eight-count with finesse. But before we discuss the chair sequence, “Miss You Much” seemed to be the first video that found Janet confidently grooving without the intense focus seen on her face in many of the Control-era clips, instead becoming one with the music, and proudly standing front and center during the extended showcases of the tune’s detailed series of steps. Now, that chair sequence: Why it’s not regularly connected to the rest of the video is questionable, because it is the proverbial icing on the cake that left viewers in awe — and maybe trying to replicate it with their own furniture.

Speaking of the chair routine …

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