Bounce-Worthy: Par-le


On “Exclusive,” the duo call on the honey-coated vocals of Nadine Charles to help take listeners back to smokey nightclub circa the early-'80s. The luscious tones of this synth heavy number will have you squeezing into your high-waisted, skin tight, shiny disco pants and performing your best Soul Train-esque moves from the moment you press play. The funk filled “Kamden Down” is another gem that Par-le that sees the duo keeping the tone upbeat, with layers of luscious vocals, a touch of talk box and a groove that ensures heads nod and hips sway.

Two tracks down and it’s little wonder why the guys count influential radio DJ Gilles Peterson as a supporter. Don’t get it twisted, though, this is not simply a nostalgic trip back in a time machine to a time when music was PG and blue eyeshadow was hot. Par-le deliver sophisticated sounds that go far beyond paying homage to an era. Through their music they ensure that funk and boogie have a relevant place in modern music. Whether you find Par-le to be kitschy or downright delicious, one thing for certain is that as long as this British duo continue to make tunes, it’s best soul lovers keep themselves primed and ready for the dance floor.

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