Hiatus Kaiyote Gets Down To Earth In ‘Breathing Underwater’


Hiatus Kaiyote released a stellar collection this past May with their sophomore set Choose Your Weapon, which is filled to the brim with songs that will surely set your imagination flying. However, the group shockingly had no videos in support of the project. That is, until now. They break their visual drought with the appropriately titled "Breathing Underwater" and it's nearly as gorgeous as the lush song.

The clip, directed by production company Breeder, plays off the duality of sand and water. While the group performs the song as they stand in a sandy studio, images of water rippling over sand, through sand and raining down on sand play with the song's rhythm. What would seem rather boring is made enchanting by the artful way in which it's all filmed, with slow motion captures of elements' movement drawing the audience into the band's performance and vice versa. It's another prime example of how the simplest of concepts can make for a dynamic visual.

With so many other songs on Choose Your Weapon begging for a visual interpretation, we truly hope that this will not be the last video that we get from the project. However, if it is, it most certainly is a great one. Check out the simple magic of "Breathing Underwater" when you press play below.