Robin Thicke & Nicki Minaj Are ‘Back’ With A New Video


Robin Thicke is wasting no time in letting his once adoring public know that he's back and wants to get back into their good graces with new music, with the video for his week-old song, "Back Together," premiering today. The song isn't about reuniting with his fanbase, however, but he's trying to get that old thing back with his lady because her loving is like none other. (In case you were wondering what Robin really sings on the song's chorus, he says, "You use your love to tear me apart / Now f**k me back together." With a line like that, how can she say no to reconciling?)

For the visuals, Robin goes Rat Pack and gives them a vintage vibe. Everything from the suits that he and his crew rocks to the old fashioned swimsuits worn by bathing beauties at their pool party to the decor to the classic car he whips around in scream 1950s. Given the song's carefree '80s vibe, that decade may have been a better era to borrow from, but Thicke makes it work. He charms his way through his scenes with his blonde bombshell, who unfortunately disappears once Nicki Minaj steps on the scene to writhe around and deliver her ridiculous verses. Much like she does to the track, Miss Minaj adds nothing to the visuals other than some T&A. After she's done with Robin, he returns to his Thicke Pack and the pool party reconvenes until the end of the clip.

For all those who've forgiven and forgotten Thicke's misjudgment and misdeeds of the past couple of years, you should be able to get into this catchy new groove and be entertained by the video. But if you still have your side eye on Thicke, then the ratchet lyrical content of this song and Minaj's presence surely won't help. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, a new Robin Thicke album is on its way, so get used to hearing and seeing more of him in the coming weeks and months.

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