SoulBounce’s Top 30 Janet Jackson Singles: #29 ‘All For You’


In the spring of 2001, Janet Jackson was a newly single woman after the dissolution of her super secret eight-year marriage to longtime beau Rene Elizondo. She was also on the verge of releasing her seventh studio album. But Janet had a problem: as fine as she was, guys seemed scared to come around her way and make their move. What was a girl to do? Make a song about it, of course.

That song would be "All For You," an upbeat, dance-ready number that ushered in her album of the same name. Built upon a healthy sample of Change's "Glow of Love," the track found Janet assuaging possible suitors' doubts as she let the world know that she was, in fact, single and more than ready to mingle. It was kind of a how-to guide on how to land a woman like Janet, letting fellas know how to come correct.

Don't try to be all clever, cute or even sly / Don't have to work that hard / Just be yourself and let that be your guide

While she was directing guys on the art of spitting game, she was also sure to show that the ladies were in control of the whole situation, peppering the track with keen observations that flipped the male gaze on its head and showed that women like to look, too. Her approach worked and Janet not only left the club with a guy on her arm, but also notched another No. 1 single under her belt while extending her hit-making legacy into the new millennium.

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