Studio Campfire Stories: ‘Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey’ Edition – The Making Of ‘Truce’

Photo Credit: Chris Charles / Creative Silence

Photo Credit: Chris Charles / Creative Silence

Have you ever been in a "groove," let's say, in the gym before? Where you aren't missing days, the workouts are feeling good to you and there's progress in the fact that you're starting to see some results? That basically describes where Nicolay and I were for this song. We had gotten into a great routine in the studio, so much so that I feel like we were ZONING when this one was made. The "introduction" process felt long gone with the creation of both "Milk and Honey" and "Work It To the Top" back-to-back in our very first session only a couple days prior. Then by day two, we really started to figure out how one another worked in and around the studio. I mean, just how freely our ideas bounced back and forth was incredible -- not necessarily the amount of ideas, but the fact that the ones we had WORKED almost every single time. Damn near everything we tried sounded dope to us, which is a helluva motivator in my book. If I remember correctly, that second day we ended up knocking out three instrumentals, none of which happened to make the album. BUT we were excited to have five brand new, fully-composed songs at the end of just two marathon studio sessions. Ironically enough, before these sessions I NEVER drank coffee...

Oh my, how times have changed.

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