Studio Campfire Stories: ‘Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey’ Edition – The Making Of ‘As Fast As You Can’

Photo Credit: Chris Charles / Creative Silence

Photo Credit: Chris Charles / Creative Silence

April 1, 2015 was day two of our second studio marathon in Wilmington, NC. Having knocked out what would become the instrumental for The Foreign Exchange's lead single, "Asking For A Friend," the night before and a second instrumental earlier that day, to say that Nicolay and I were in a groove in the studio would be a complete understatement. Out of the 10 Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey joints, this may very well me my favorite story to tell. I almost feel like I need to introduce this one as if I'm narrating a damn ESPN 30 For 30 trailer...

"What if I told you..."

...that the music for "As Fast As You Can" happened...well...kinda by accident?

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