Tamar Braxton ‘Circles’ Another Release From ‘Calling All Lovers’


Though her upcoming album, Calling All Lovers, doesn't drop until next week, Tamar Braxton has supplied us with a steady enough stream of tracks from the project that we have barely noticed the delays in its release. Now, with only a week to go, Tamar blesses us with yet another selection from the set, "Circles."

The song shows Tamar returning to her bread and butter: an emotional ballad about heartbreak and love. In "Circles," the singer finds herself sick and tired of the endless cycle that her doomed romance seems to be in. It's a familiar story, to be sure — she gives, he takes and now she's fed up. Tamar doesn't do much to update the narrative (and neither does the production, which is a bit run of the mill), sometimes dealing in cliche when describing the situation, including references to her "battered and bruised" heart that her lover has been rather careless with. However, what the song lacks in originality, Tamar makes up for with her heartfelt performance. She's in fine vocal form here, with her vocal both warm and emotive as she sings of the struggle of loving someone who doesn't know how to properly love her. The song is no "If I Don't Have You," but its still enough to hold us over to the album's release.

Calling All Lovers is set to drop next week on October 2nd. Take a listen to "Circles" right here and let us know if you'll be circling back to it when the album is released.

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