Tisha Campbell Martin Spreads Her Creative Wings In ‘Steel Here’


Though Tisha Campbell Martin's musical comeback wasn't one we were expecting, we must say that we're glad she returned, especially with her solid B. Slade-produced track "Steel Here." The defiant track put us on notice that the actress and performer was ready to claim her stake once again in the music world. It was only a matter of time before we got visuals to accompany the bold single, and now the video's finally here.

The clip seems to represent Tisha's journey back to the woman she is, opening with a man writing a letter, the words of which are later written on a tear-streaked Tisha as she sings. Those words, it turns out, are from the actual letter sent to her by the person who assaulted her when she was just three years old. From there, the video uses creative, abstract concepts to show the performer's metamorphosis from scared young girl to the strong, proud woman she is today. We see her in a variety of looks, from a billowing black gown setup with multiple dancers to fighting herself in a hall of mirrors and even cutting a rug or two near the video's end.

About the song and video, Tisha says, "'Steel Here' was important to release as my first single and video because it represents a message that all of us can overcome our struggles in life and should forgive ourselves as we move forward into our new light and the life that has truly been planned for us."

Though some of the clip's concepts aren't as fleshed out as they could be, it's certainly a bold statement. Peep the treatment below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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