Alex Isley Tries On The Cardigans With A Cover Of ‘LoveFool’


Alex Isley is the personification of #BlackGirlMagic with her delightful take on “LoveFool,” a cover of The Cardigans' '90s smash hit "Lovefool" about making all the wrong choices while in love. Isley dropped the cover October 1st with an accompanying note on Facebook, stating that this is the last cover song she’ll release before revealing new content from her upcoming EP, Luxury. The young singer/songwriter has garnered quite a following since the release of her last project Dreams in Analog in 2013. Since then, Isley has gotten plenty of recognition for her own work as well as for providing backing vocals for rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Scarface.

While the cover stays pretty true to the original, Isley’s sweet, jazz driven vocals add new life and warmth to the track. Musical changes to the song’s structure, like the shining hits on the high hats, the subtle imitation of a vinyl crackle and pop in the background, the claps and Isley’s additional vocal harmonies, add the songstresses’ signature to “LoveFool.” The control Isley has over her voice is a clear indicator of the years she spent training as a classical vocalist. This cover stays true to Isley’s sound that we've come to love; much of her other work relies on her beautiful use of harmonies, soft bouncy 808s and understated work on the keys.

SoulBounce looks forward to hearing even more from Alex Isley as she continues to put out her own original content. Listen to “LoveFool” below, and check out her self-written and -produced EP Luxury when it drops this year in December.

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