Chris McClenney Gets Funky With His Remix Of SPZRKT & Sango’s ‘How Do You Love Me’

Photo Credit: Joel Lopez

Photo Credit: Joel Lopez

Soulection singer and producer Chris McClenney puts his own soulful mix on SPZRKT and Sango’s track “How Do You Love Me.” The original comes from SPZRKT and Sango’s collab EP Hours Spent Loving You, a soulful R&B retake on the ambient/electronic genre.

McClenney’s version highlights his dope skills on the piano with bright chord progressions that add a Stevie Wonder feel to the song. The Baltimore, Maryland native is known for his vocal work, his imaginative abilities on the keys and his use of 808s. You can definitely see how he worked in his own signature sound on his “How Do You Love Me” remix. The track drops down low with a funky bass line, crisp kicks and claps. There’s no definitive buildup after the breakdown, but the funkiness and the switch up in rhythm keep “How Do You Love Me (Chris McClenney Remix)” interesting till the finish. McClenney succeeded in honoring the original while reenvisioning the sound to put his own original spin on the track. This remix has the potential to become a huge fall dance hit. It’s impossible to not bounce once the bass line hits.

Chris McClenney, SPZRKT and Sango are all signed to the incredible rising label Soulection. This collaboration of sound between these three different artists epitomizes what Soulection is about, a modern take on funk and soul that highlights the up-and-coming musical talents of our generation. Work from artists like Chris McClenney and Sango dispel the myth that true soul and funk music is disappearing -- it’s merely modernly repackaged.

Check out Chris McClenney’s spin on “How Do You Love Me” below and compare it to the more electronic centered original. Good luck picking a favorite!

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