Conya Doss Encourages Us To ‘Reach Out’ And Make Connections


After a three-year break between albums, Conya Doss came back strong with her seventh studio project, VII (Seven). Backed by jazzy instrumentals, laid-back rhythms and funky bass lines, Ms. Doss' polished vocals kept us enthralled as she flowed through various relationship themes. Tracks like "You Got Me" and "When We Love" have connected with fans through airplay, but the album's first video, "Reach Out," speaks of a different kind of connection.

Remember that old AT&T slogan "Reach out and touch someone," which aimed to get people to use their long-distance service and run up their phone bills to verbally connect with each other? Well this track flips that concept, encouraging us to put down our phones, get off our computers and literally spend time with those we care about. Teaming up once again with director Alex Magaña ("Don't Change"), Ms. Doss brings the concept to life, with realistic scenes of friends (including featured trumpeter Lin Rountree) who are glued to their phones. Thoughtful lyrics are combined with Conya's breezy vocals and Lin's striking solo, while the visual message hits the mark without belaboring the point.

Check it out below, then schedule some time to spend with someone special in your life. VII (Seven) is available for purchase via Amazon or CDBaby. DMV Bouncers can reach out and connect with Ms. Doss in person this Friday night at The Carlyle Club in Alexandria.

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