DAWN Takes ‘Billie Jean’ To The ‘Dance’ Floor


After dropping the glitterbomb that is her new song "Dance" last week, DΔWN follows it up with a music video that pulls double duty by combining it with the song "Billie Jean." Ms. Richard and director Monty Marshall keep it fly and funky throughout the dual video, which starts off with "Billie Jean," taken from this year's Blackheart album.

DΔWN descends down a set of stairs into a brick-walled room and proceeds to take us to town with her choreography and costumes, and she's serving hair, face and body for days. Momma is showing these other R&B wannabes how its done and that you can be sexy while remaining tasteful. Even in a recreation of the often duplicated falling roses scene from American Beauty, DΔWN is rocking far less rose petals than most to cover her naughty bits, but it isn't tacky and she's an American beauty indeed.

For the second half of the clip, the music changes and a new DΔWN emerges in a plume of smoke. The scene switches to a warehouse nightclub, which is as turnt as "Dance" itself. Once the beat drops and the pace of the song kicks up on the chorus, it's on and poppin' as DΔWN and her dancers get their lives in sync with each other. She is giving serious Janet Jackson vibes with her swagger and self-confidence but carving her own lane and pulling ahead of many of her peers.

With this "Billie Jean"/"Dance" combo platter, DΔWN brilliantly blends the past, present and future of her music in yet another arresting set of visuals from one of the most exciting R&B starlets on the scene today.

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