R. Kelly Throws A ‘Backyard Party’ & Everyone’s Invited


R. Kelly is warming up his grill in the video for "Backyard Party,” getting us ready for his upcoming album The Buffet, which promises to incorporate music from a number of genres. We listened to the pleasant but reductive track back in August and were delighted to hear Kellz focus on more family-friendly material instead of the over the top metaphors and lascivious schlock from his last project. For the most part, he follows the same formula for the video.

The visual for “Backyard Party” is fun, but has a few questionable moments. Decked out in his finest old man in the club attire, R. Kelly is the hostest with the mostest, inviting his friends and family over for a good old fashioned BBQ/family reunion at his gated community estate, complete with a DJ, pools, a spades table and a few special friends like Chance the Rapper and Snoop Dogg stopping through. Of course, it wouldn’t be an R. Kelly party without one groan-worthy moment. It appears women still remind Mr. Kelly of his Jeep as he has a completely unnecessary car wash scene where he feels the need to wash and wax some booties. Mr. Kelly ends the festivities by sharing the new track “Marching Band,” where he compares having sex with a woman to sounding like The Sonic Boom of the South. Hey, he’s done worse (the metaphor isn’t quite as outlandish as “The Zoo,” after all) and the tune is actually pretty catchy.

That Robert Kelly has delivered a fun, if a bit on the nose video. However, when it comes to R. Kelly, keeping it simple is probably best for all parties involved.

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