Trackademicks Has A Special Jodeci Remix Just ‘For You’


Trackademicks recently wowed us with an insouciant remix of Bobby Brown's '80s slow jam standard, "Roni." Fast forwarding into the '90s, he grabs hold of another unforgettable R&B ballad, this time tackling Jodeci's "Cry For You." The 1993 track parlayed the classic "baby, baby, please" formula into a chart-topping hit that set the barometer for a new era of begging songs. So naturally, we were quite curious as to how the Bay Area beatsmith would flip this particular gem.

Given his track record (no pun intended), it was safe to assume that he would quicken the pace. And while it does spur us onto the dance floor, the rework is much more complex than a simple tempo acceleration. Bounce-heavy rhythms and static-shocked keys are interwoven with a thumping house beat that surprisingly intensifies the song's emotional core. Trackademicks stamps the production with his signature Sophistislap sound and by the end, you'll be saying "Yeeaaaaahhhhh!" like you're the fifth member of the group. Don't make us beg, just trust us and check out the track below. Then, download your free copy here and follow Trackademicks on SoundCloud and Twitter for new music and updates.

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